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Why You Want More Pirates In Business

First of all, being a pirate is super cool and I would argue that piracy and the pirate mindset is alive and well. Yes, we all agree that the robbing, the kidnapping, the murdering, and the causing of general mayhem are unacceptable in most civilized societies by most people, but the positive characteristics that created success in the golden ages of the 18th century are still necessary for great leaders to run their ships today.

So if you don’t find having epic combat skills, being ruthless, being able to hold your rum, and the being to navigate the open sea by the stars as being relevant to today’s efforts, maybe the following will be.

Pirates are disruptors, innovators, and opportunists.

Doing the same thing the same way with the same people for too long has a diminishing return.

Pirates are quick to adapt to changing government and economic policies

If you are still in business after ’20 and ’21, then you understand.

Pirates have a code and set of values that align on their mission

Nothing aligns efforts like shared success that leads to the betterment of all involved.

Pirates are the originators of workplace democracy and transparency

Did you know that the cover on the ship’s binnacle was not just for weather protection? It was so only the captain knew what direction the ship was heading and now successful businesses value input on direction and make metrics visible for showing progress.

Pirate captains have to earn the trust of the crew

Still do.

Pirate culture is more diverse, progressive, and equitable than most societies

If you are productive and adding value to a company, then it does not matter who you are as an individual.

Pirates thrive outside of the traditional hierarchical management processes

Nobody should be able to use the term “that’s not my job” when you are able to take action and drive a next step in achieving goals.

Pirates believe skill and commitment are more important than background

Results will always speak for themselves.

Pirates are visionary, think outside the box, and defy conventional wisdom

There are opportunities and profits to be found by turning into storms and sailing some oceans that others won’t and if you run out of fish, then you might have to hunt for other types of food using different tools and tactics.

Pirates are the originators of profit sharing

Nothing aligns a mission more than the sharing the spoils.

Pirate ships are well funded and outfit their crews to get the job done

You don’t ask a surgeon to bring his own scalpel from home. Just saying.

Pirates believe in work life balance

It’s not there there is not opportunity to work 24/7/365 and yes, there is always more to do but, there is a point where the work needs to be done for the day and the world needs to be enjoyed.

Napster, Uber, Tesla, Amazon, Virgin, Apple, and are credited with being original pirate organizations and there is no doubt that their disruption and innovation have changed the world and led to other successful companies, but funny how some of these tech companies are laying people off by the thousands as of this posting. Maybe they lost their original pirate.