About Peter

I was born in Chicago, raised in Los Angeles, spent summers in Lake Geneva, and now call the Village of Waukesha home with my wife of 26 years where we try to keep up with our 3 children as they grow into their own paths.

I Graduated from Carroll College (now University) in 1992 with a BS in Philosophy and double minor in Biology and Chemistry…….What was I thinking with that combination? I eventually went back to school and graduated from Keller University with an MBA in 2004.

I am a Sales and Marketing Leader with three prior careers and I decided to take my Money Ball philosophies on the road helping start ups, second stage companies, turn around businesses, and acquired companies put sales structure, processes, and accountability in place for future growth.  I was also an Adjunct Instructor at Waukesha County Technical College and Carroll University in B2B marketing, Business Ethics, and Entrepreneurship.  After 8 years of consulting and training, I decided to put teaching my practices on hold to now focus on leading the worlds most talented machinists the Custom Manufacturing realm and being the best Husband and Dad my family deserves.

Thank you for taking the time to read through some of my thoughts and philosophies on sales and sales management and I hope it helps you increase your opportunities!

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